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Who is Grand Square International?

Recently, GSI (Grand Square International) Leaders from Europe, Japan, the US and others formed a plan to get to know each other—and others we will meet in the future, much better. We started with a brief outline, hoping to tell you more about ourselves. We call the document “Who is GSI?”. With no small effort, we have exchanged the document with GSI Leaders in many countries, some of whom have personally translated this into an “official” version in their own native language.

                In addition, the technology wizards at Google seemed to be thinking exactly what we were thinking, and we now have added the amazing Google Translate button/function to many pages on this site. It is free to use, and easy as well. If our site is displayed in a language other than your own, simply click the button, select your preferred language from the drop down menu and—now, we are speaking your language!

As we travel around the world, meet new friends, shake hands, dance and connect our organization with yours we begin to broaden the horizons of square dancing as a whole. Sometimes our time together is brief and our languages spoken diverse, leaving much to be discovered about each other. Recent updates to this website, and social media are promising.

World Headquarters

Charlotte, North Carolina, USA


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2016 Callers School!

- Monday, October 5, 2015


Click the image for a flyer!

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GSI Founder's Award Recipients: Susie & Simon Kelly, UK representatives

- Thursday, July 16, 2015

 The first GSI Founders award was presented to the Grand Square - United Kingdom team during the 2015 annual Grand Square Europe leaders meeting.

The UK team is the first team in Grand Square history to totally self-fund a full week callers school!  They have really set the standard for all GSI teams to follow.

A very big, International-size THANK YOU to Grand Square United Kingdom for their commitment to square dancing. We’re proud to present them with the Grand Square International Founder’s Award and hope you will join us in thanking them for doing what they do so very well!—Kim Curlee





Join us at the National Square Dance Convention in Springfield MA!

- Sunday, June 14, 2015

 Come on over for our annual Wednesday Night Special dance with the Ghost Riders and a stellar line up of callers!  We start around 8:00 pm and will be in the MassMutual Center.  For additional information, visit http://64nsdc.org/

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